Changing Possible

Solutions R&D for society's challenges

We started Actuate on the belief that our organization could serve as a catalyst for deploying solutions R&D to address societal problems.

In May 2023, Actuate the 501(c)3 will cease its operations, but the work of Actuate will continue through other vehicles.

We are excited to announce that Actuate Climate has joined forces with the Prime Coalition, a nonprofit that steers and influences capital to support scalable solutions to climate change. Our team has become Prime’s Early Catalytic Infrastructure (ECI) program – read more about the merger here!

We are thrilled that the efforts will continue. For the rest of Actuate, please stay tuned.

Climate change mitigation. Good health across our population. Trustworthy data and information. Opportunity for every person.

Actuate is addressing these make-or-break challenges with a new model that can generate fresh, practical, potent answers. We're starting with the core of the DARPA approach for breakthroughs and adapting it for complex societal problems. It's a method we call "solutions R&D."

Solutions R&D weaves together research insights and lessons from the real world. It demonstrates new capabilities that change what’s possible.