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Wade Shen
CEO, Actuate Trust and Democracy

I develop new programs and program leaders for Actuate. I came to Actuate from DARPA where I ran a portfolio of machine learning programs.

  • Program Manager, DARPA 2014-19. Led 10 data science and machine learning programs. Demonstrated better-than-expert automation of AI/ML that is being commercialized via startups. Demonstrated AI processors at 130x the speed of GPUs that are commercializing via large corporations and startups. Deployed tools that over 300 law enforcement agencies use for automated discovery of human trafficking networks.
  • Researcher and manager, MIT Lincoln Laboratory 2003-14. Managed a group of researchers working in human language technologies. Areas of research included: machine translation; speech, speaker, and language recognition; information extraction; and prosodic modeling for both small- and large-scale applications. I served as the chair of Lincoln Laboratory's Advanced Concept Committee, on DARPA's Information Science and Technology (ISAT) study group, and as the US technical representative for NATO's speech and language processing study groups.
  • Founder and CTO, Vocentric 1999-03. Mobile speech recognition startup.
  • M.S. in computer science, University of Maryland; B.S. EECS, UC Berkeley.
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